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Welcome, friends! After months of praying, planning, and coordinating, God has blessed me with a wonderful new website and blog. I hope you find it easy to navigate and easy for us to stay connected.

There are some exciting new things coming in the next few months, including a new book, a brand new DVD Bible study series, and an opportunity to be part of the live audience for the upcoming taping of a brand new Bible study series. But we’ll get there.

First, I just want to thank you. For being part of this crazy journey. For letting me into your lives to occupy your valuable time. For your encouragement, challenges, prayers, and so many other things.

I hope you will take time to poke around on my new website. There are free downloads for Bible study reading checklists under “In The Word” and a list of places we can connect in person under “Events.” Please take a moment to drop your email over to the right so we can continue talking about Jesus together.

Walking through life with you is a high privilege, because we follow the One who already carved our path.

So…thank you.

Until next time, I pray that God’s unsurpassing peace guards your heart and mind in Christ.


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Joan Mahnken

    Always enjoy all you have for us. Thank you. Prayers and God’s blessings.

    1. Donna Snow

      Thank you, Joan. God’s blessings!

  2. Betty Marschner

    Happy to have done most of your studies and read most of your books. Always learn from your writings.
    Looking so forward to seeing you come June and hope if I can get transport to take in your early A M study. Til then

    1. Donna Snow

      Thank you so much, Betty. It will be so good to see you and hug your neck!

  3. Love the new fresh look, Donna! Praying alongside you and looking forward to all He is doing through you!

    1. Donna Snow

      Thank you so much, Heidi! You are such an encourager — what a wonderful blessing you and your ministry are to so many.

  4. Mariyn Bader

    It’s always a blessing and a joy to see what you have to share.
    May the Lord continue to grant you blessings of joy and happiness as you share His Word!!

  5. Karen Kuehnert

    Congrats on your new site! Your hard work will continue to connect people to Jesus!
    Blessings my friend!


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