Launch Day! “Where Love Abides” Bible Study

I have been waiting for this wonderful day for the better part of two years!

Today, it is a JOY to offer my latest DVD Bible study series in partnership with the LWML, “Where Love Abides.” It is an in-depth study of John 15, where Jesus talks with His disciples about God’s vineyard and our place in it.

Here is a quick snippet from the study’s back cover:

Seasons matter in vineyards. They also matter in our spiritual journey. We experience winter seasons that seem prolonged and harsh. We endure seasons of pruning where God removes the superfluous to nurture deep roots in Him.

We also experience bountiful seasons of harvest where we, through the power of the Holy Spirit, experience the abundance of God’s beautiful fruit. But this fruit is not just for believers to sit back and enjoy. God calls us to go into all the world and share it.

Jesus, our Vine, lovingly invites us to abide in Him (John 15:4) as He abides in us. What does that mean? What does it look like amidst our modern, fast-paced days?

As you walk through His Word with this study, you will gain a clear understanding of both the blessing and responsibility of being chosen for God’s vineyard.

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” When we abide in Him through the faith He gives, He draws us into an intimate relationship with Him as branches in His vineyard — that beautiful place Where Love Abides.


I’m giving away TWO sets of this new Bible study. WooHoo! To enter, simply:

  1. Leave a comment below and let me know how/where you plan to use this study;
  2. Sign up (look to the right) to receive my weekly devotions;
  3. Share this post on your social media outlets (and let me know where so I can share your posts and tweets)!

I will pick two winners and share them in this coming Tuesday’s blog post right here.

Today is a day of praise to God for what He is doing through the LWML as they continue to offer Christ-centered, in-depth resources to build an intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior!!

God’s blessings as you dive into and share this new Bible study in your homes, churches, and communities. To God be the glory!

62 thoughts on “Launch Day! “Where Love Abides” Bible Study

  1. Hi and God bless you!
    I’ll be using during our weekly Bible Study Growth Group or our monthly Saturday womens Growth group. I love the topic!
    Des Plaines,IL.

    1. Donna Snow

      Lisa, it’s great to see you here! Your weekly Bible study group sounds amazing. Thank you for being faithful to it. You’re entered!

  2. Susan Miller

    The women of Zion-Staunton IL would be so blessed to be able to not only read His word but visualize the meaning of the passages with your clear and concise teaching and video, Where Love Abides. Thank you for the opportunity to break through to women of all ages at our church and community to come together, maybe for the first time, and be changed by the study of God’s word.

    Our congregation is recently launching a ministry to the deaf and hearing impaired. We have a marvelous translator who would also come along side us to include these new women of faith.

    1. Donna Snow

      Susan, your enthusiasm for His Word is so very beautiful. Thank you for your kind words. That’s an exciting new ministry! May God richly bless it and you. You’re entered!

  3. Katy Bass

    We plan to use this for Ladies Bible study this fall.

    1. Donna Snow

      Katy, how wonderful to hear. You’re entered!

  4. Chrissie Gilbert

    Good morning, Donna. We’ll use this for a ladies’ small group bible study at our church. Looking forward to starting this series (whether I win or purchase). God’s blessings to you.

    1. Donna Snow

      Chrissie, your plan sounds wonderful. Thank you for your enthusiasm — you’re entered!

  5. Arla Mae Luther

    Donna, I am so happy to see this release 😃 I have been waiting for it and while waiting praying for some avenue to open up so I could dig in with others to gleam all the value of having seasons in our lives. Just two weeks ago God put before me that avenue and I wondered how to make it happen, now I know. Our congregation has a women’s Breakfast Bible Study group that I started 8 years ago. Because of changing jobs and my work schedule I could no longer attend BUT the group is still going strong with mostly retired women. Just two weeks ago a gal asked if I would meet with her to do a Bible Study because she was feeling dried up and frankly so was I. This is the perfect study for us to do and also invite other working women to who can’t make a morning study. So, here I go, forward with an invite to any women who would like to join me in this Bible Study that I think I will call the group “The Season Bible Group”. Sound catchy enough that you would be curious about and want to join? I am getting started today with writing the announcement for the bulletin and sharing your post on my Facebook page with an invite to those working women who want to know about God’s plan for the season of life they are walking through right now. This is so exciting, thank you for all your hard work and the seasons you have been through that have given you the insight and heart to produce this study. You are a God given tool for the rest of us. Blessings on your next endeavor.

    1. Donna Snow

      Arla Mae, what a lovely and heartfelt comment! Your faithfulness to provide an avenue for Bible study is such a blessing to all who benefit. The title sounds catchy and perfect, well done! Thank you for your kind encouragement. God’s blessings as you go forward in His strength. You’re entered!

  6. Vicki Steinmann

    Good morning! I will use this study in July while my precious kiddos are with their Dad for his month. Waking up and missing them during coffee on the patio, watching the sun come up and listening to the birds wake up, sounds like the perfect time.

    1. Donna Snow

      Ahhh, Vicki, your mornings sound so peaceful. Thank you for that beautiful visual and the desire to make this study part of it. You’re entered!

  7. Lisa Miller

    Thanks for all you do Donna. I have a brand new small group starting in a different part of town. They will be doing your new study starting in August. Hope you are well! Blessings! Lisa

    1. Lisa, how wonderful! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. It was a blessing spending time with y’all not too long ago. You’re entered!

  8. Thank you for sharing your incite and knowledge with us. I’ve looked at Scripture in new ways through your other
    Bible studies. My new small group will be starting this Bible study beginning August 2. God bless you as you continue sharing Him!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Liz, how exciting that y’all will be starting the study soon! I pray that He blesses your time together as you dive into this study. You’re entered!

  9. Christie Steffens

    Ladies Bible class held at church.
    Thanks, Donna, for your diligence in preparing us to be “IN THE VINEYARD”.


    1. Donna Snow

      Christie, YES – to God be all glory and praise! You’re entered!

  10. Linda Koch

    Donna, I am so excited for you and for all who will be blessed through this study! I woul love to share its message in our Tuesday or Sunday Bible class.

    1. Linda, I love your excitement about sharing this study in your groups! Thank you so much. I love how much you love His Word. You’re entered!

  11. Betty Ann Holsinger

    I will have our Wednesday morning Bible study group use your new study…”Where Love Abides”… at my church, Faith Lutheran here in Bear, DE. God has truly blessed you with the wonderful talent you have of writing these Bible studies for all of us to learn & study God’s Holy Word! Blessings to you and all that you do to spread the Gospel news!
    ❤️ A fellow Sister in Christ, Betty Ann

    1. Betty, that’s so wonderful to hear! I didn’t realize that you live in Delaware. It sounds so picturesque and a WHOLE lot cooler than south Texas. Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement about this new study. I pray that it blesses y’all greatly. You’re entered!

      1. Betty Ann Holsinger

        Hi Donna…I used to live in Lufkin, TX until my husband accepted a new position here in DE about 5 yrs ago…lived in TX for 13 years, lots of friends there …. and this past week here has not been any cooler than Texas…temps in 90’s with feels like 102 or so!

    2. Hi Betty Ann, that sounds amazing! Thank you so much for your encouragement and beautiful words. You are entered!

  12. Nicole Knutson

    Thank you for this opportunity! I plan to use these books with my ladies at church. I have a group of women who meet on Monday nights for Bible Study.
    I will be sharing your post on Facebook.

    1. Donna Snow

      Nicole, Monday night Bible studies are perfect to start each week. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing the giveaway on social media. You’re entered!

  13. Jamie

    I have a group of friends that I walk with and have been thinking of a way to make it more than just walking…this might be it!

    1. Donna Snow

      Jamie, I love your intentionality. You’re entered!

  14. Kelsey Murphy

    I’m part of a women’s bible study that meets every Wednesday evening. We are starting your Peter study next week and have truly enjoyed many of your other studies in the past. Looking forward to the blessing this study will bring as well. Thankful For Gods many blessings – you being one of them! 💗💗

    1. Donna Snow

      Kelsey, how wonderful to be in the Word together every week! Thank you for letting these studies be a part of your journey. Thank you for your sweet encouragement. You’re entered!

  15. I always love walking through God’s word with you. I would share this latest study with my LWML society. I would also offer it to my pastor to use as a series in our church’s Wednesday night bible study & communion service. Thanks for all you do to help make the Word accessible.

    1. Shared on the LA-MS LWML facebook page and my personal facebook page

      1. Donna Snow

        Melissa, thank you for being faithful to stay in the Word! Your love for Bible study and sharing avenues for others to study together are huge blessings. Thank you for your beautiful encouragement. You’re entered!

  16. virginia

    Hi Donna! Proud of you and your most recent production. I would use this Bible study in my own church!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Virginia, to God be the glory! You’re entered!

  17. Cheryl Deines

    “It’s a good day to have a good day!” Good morning Donna! I’m so excited for this study & all who will be blessed by it! I’d love to share it with our small group! God is using you in mighty ways! Love 💕 Hugs 🤗 & Prayers 🙏

    1. Good morning, Cheryl! Your joy is contagious. Thank you so much. You are entered!

  18. Betty Marschner

    So happy to see this Donna! I was just elected vp of christian life for our district and am making a real effort to see that each zone and unit gets more involved in Bible study. I am a big promoter of Bible study and prayerfully hope to see each gal gets excited about digging in the Word on a daily basis. Still have a local group that I have been involved with, still doing studies and hope to introduce them to your newer studies as well.
    Best wishes and much love,
    Betty Marschner

    1. Betty, congratulations!! I served in that position years ago for the Texas District. I’ll be praying that you serve the Lord with gladness there. You are entered!!

  19. Meridee

    Hello Donna! I first met you in Saskatoon, SK at a LWML evening (you were hoping to see snow!)I’ve been following you ever since. 0ur St John’s ladies bible study group in Warman SK just finished the study of Peter & we would love to use this as our next study in September! So grateful God is using you to share his word so passionately with others 🙏. I’m going to share this on our church Facebook page !

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Meridee, ahhh what wonderful memories I have of my time with y’all in Saskatoon this past October. My friend and I drove up to Prince Albert and actually played in the snow and saw elk! Thank you for your kind encouragement and love of God’s Word. I hope our paths cross again one day. You’re entered!

  20. Ellen Burbank

    This study would be great for my YWR small group! (We are currently in The God of All comfort 🙂) Or to share with my society, Zone and district LWML groups….. oh the places it could go!

    I didn’t know you had a weekly devotion- going to sign up now!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Ellen, what a beautiful calling to gather young women around His Word regularly! I pray that The God of All Comfort is a blessing to you all. Thank you for signing up for my weekly devotion! I missed this week due to attending my District convention, but it will go live again next Monday. You’re entered!

  21. Bea Daily

    Hi Donna, Plan to use the new study at our monthly LWML meeting, as we have in the past with Over Flowing Abundance, Your Strong Suit, and Peter..From Fisherman to Fisher of Men. The ladies love your studies and looking forward to them each month. They always comment on how much they get out of them. Bea Daily, Good Shepherd LWML, Shalimar, Florida

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Bea, what a beautiful encourager you are! I love how much you love God’s Word and LWML – two more things we have in common. I pray that God blesses you through your future studies. You’re entered!

  22. Sandi Hall

    donna this sounds so amazing, we would use this in our bible study at Trinity Lutheran Church in Republic our LWML ladies meet on Fridays to study God’s word and fellowship together.

    1. Donna Snow

      Sandi, your plan sounds absolutely wonderful. You’re entered!

  23. Donna,

    We have a “small group” here at church that consists of all ladies of varying ages. They meet every other week and have done some of your other studies and would love to do this one as well! They have truly become “Sisters in Christ” over the few last years!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Chris, your ladies small group sounds wonderful! What better way to bond as sisters in Christ of all ages than over God’s Word together? You’re entered!

  24. Faith Feldman


    I will use your study to improve my life and deepen my knowledge of God’s promises. I have a small group of friends who as Christian Women love getting together. Hopefully they would want to study your work together.
    Thank you,

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Faith! Your strength and energy are such a testimony of God’s working in your life. I love how you connect friends together — especially around God’s Word. You’re entered!

  25. Noelle

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win. I would love to do this study in my ladies home group.shared on FB and also subscribed.thanks for giving us a chance to win.

    1. Noelle, that sounds wonderful and perfect — especially using social media to engage ladies in Bible study! You are entered!

  26. Melanie Glinsmann

    Congratulations on the new study! I did an in-depth study of John with a Bible study group two years ago. I’d love to share this with the ladies that were in that small group. Would be a great way to jump back into that chapter with them.

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Melanie, it’s so great to see you here! What a blessing that you have a group of women who love to go deep into the Word. That makes my heart so glad for you! Thank you for continuing to meet and study together. You’re entered!

  27. Manna Bruckner

    Good morning Donna, your new book sounds amazing. I am part of a neighborhood women’s Bible study called “heart to heart”, and I think the book would be a good one to study. I’m also interested in receiving the daily devotions by email. God’s blessings always!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Manna, what a lovely and perfect name for a neighborhood women’s Bible study group! Thank you for signing up for the weekly devotions and taking the time to stop in here with blessings. You’re entered!

  28. Hallelujah! I am so excited to see this new bible study is hot off the presses! In an effort to keep the Atlantic District’s LWML in the Word, this bible study will be shared by all our zones thus reaching people from upper New York State all the way to Montauk! Good luck to all knowing all who take part in this study will be richly blessed!

    1. Donna Snow

      Hi Linda, ahhh the Atlantic District LWML holds a special place in my heart — especially as this study was taped in Linda Gage’s vineyard right there in your District! I love your enthusiasm for the Word and gathering ladies around it. You’re entered!

  29. My ladies Bible study group uses your studies all the time and we would gladly use this one too. We love The scholarly way you apply this scruto our modern lives.

    1. Scripture. Note to self; always proofread before hitting post.🤭

      1. Donna Snow

        You’re AWESOME, Terri. Thank you so much — you’re entered!


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