One Thing You Need To Know To Face Tomorrow

Sometimes, I wonder if the bends and twists on this road of life can break things.

Some days, I find the courage to admit that I’m scared.

Like today. 

As I read through these piles of research, scribble down notes, and whisper fragmented prayers, the outline of my next book surfaces. Sharing about perseverance despite life’s head-on collisions, steps toward healing slowly focus onto the page. Hope faithfully emerges.

But hope and healing are the last things Satan wants for me. Or you.

So he hurls roadblocks of shame and doubt, blaring distractions like sirens.

He loves to cause wrecks.

As we slip behind the wheel of life, you and I need to know this one thing to face tomorrow:  
Christ wins.

This journey zigzags and twists, but what keeps us from faceplanting in a ditch is just that: Christ wins.

We stagger toward Sunday morning whip-lashed, bruised, and broken desperately needing God’s Resurrection promise. Our hearts face suffering in this fallen world but what can scare us when we know Christ wins?

When chaos shatters tranquility and we need peace like a river, God buckles us into His indestructible Resurrection truth that, no matter how dizzy the road blurs our vision, Christ wins.

It means we can risk it all to share the hope of Salvation, because when we surrender the driver’s seat to Jesus, we can release the wheel and rest in His amazing grace.  

Christ alone navigates life’s hairpin turns when life flings around corners on two wheels.

We suffer unexpected rollovers, yet we experience hope in this: Christ repurposes pain for His gain to use what we thought was wreckage for His glory. 

Sharing life’s painful collisions with others could send us careening into the ditch of fear to give up and not allow the power of His healing and forgiveness to shine bright.

Instead, His Word provides strength and assurance that this road leads precisely to one life-changing truth that buckles us in safe and sound:


And because He lives — we can face tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “One Thing You Need To Know To Face Tomorrow

  1. Carol

    I can’t wait. It will be an awesomely book.

  2. Mary L. Karrick

    Thank you for your words of comfort. I received word last night about a boat accident that left a young girl with fractured skull! She is the granddaughter of my dearest friend, a devout Christian! As we prayed over the phone, she prayed for her and the person responsible! Satan was at work in me not wanting to pray for him! She reminded me that Christ is in charge , Christ wins!! Thank God for her and you! When our faith is tested Christ wins!

    1. Donna Pyle

      I’m so sorry to her about your dear friend’s granddaughter, Mary. Keep those prayers up — Christ wins!

  3. Carolyn

    Started Forgiveness. WOW. I’m doing it one day at a time. This won’t be easy for me.

    1. Donna Pyle

      One day at a time is the way to roll, Carolyn. It’s not how fast you run, it’s following God’s leading each step. You can do it!


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