“Forgiveness” Book Release & Giveaway


These are the days when our culture seems to embrace rage. But we look around at the brokenness and perhaps we wonder … don’t we all need a whole lot more forgiveness?

We turn on the TV or scroll through social media and see drama-filled outrage over things that will be forgotten by dinner. And I can’t help but ask: why are we so angry? What cut our fuse so short that we’re constantly blasted and damaged?

Perhaps it’s time that we look each other in the eye and admit we need each other — that forgiveness paves a better way. A holier road.

But how do we handle the pain we can’t contain? those memories that track us down like blood hounds on a scent?

Maybe what overwhelms us the most is feeling like no one understands.

Been there, done that. Hence, this book.

Because rage will cage us unless we forgive.

If there’s one thing I’ve come to understand is forgiving is an act of giving: For God so loved — He gave. 

Forgiving gives life. Forgiveness restores freedom. Not for our offenders. For us.

I’ve lived the rage and know that forgiveness has radically transformed my life. When we trust Him, God can turn our anger into outrageous abundance.

After struggling and failing, and learning and growing, very slowly, I started to write. Does forgiveness make any sense in a raging world? In a raging heart?

Yes, it most certainly can.

And I didn’t even know if writing this made sense, so I reached out to people much wiser than I. They affirmed then, and they affirm now — if the world doesn’t see forgiveness from God’s people and among God’s people, they won’t see it at all.

I mean how can people learn if the examples are huddled and trembling behind locked doors like the disciples after Jesus was crucified?

So these wonderfully wise people, here’s what they said:

Turn these pages, immerse yourself in God’s comforting, refining Word, and walk with Donna away from the burden of bitterness and into the liberating lightness of forgiveness.” —Michelle DeRusha, author of Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk

Readers will want to grab a journal to document the lessons and Bible verses the author encourages readers to write down, helping to imprint God’s truths.” —Jan Wendorf, Past LWML President

Donna…uses Scripture and beautiful language to remind us of the power of Jesus at work in us, making forgiveness in every relationship possible.” —Angie Goeke, author, musician, speaker

She recognizes the losses involved in forgiveness and she doesn’t shy away from calling out the lies and cultural myths that stand as barriers to forgiveness and freedom.” —Heidi Goehmann, author, speaker, deaconess

In this study Donna helps us better understand the forgiveness God lavishly offers to all through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and how He desires for us to live forgiven and forgiving lives. ” —Rev. John and Debra Heckmann, St. Paul Lutheran Church, The Grove, Texas

“I wasn’t aware of the unforgiveness packed deep in my heart. … As I read the book I was better equipped to break through the walls that were built in my heart.” —Mia Koehne, Singer/Songwriter, Host of Aspire Women’s Event Tour

So I hold this book out to you with hope-filled hands, praying that God uses it to open the cages of rage and usher in the freedom of forgiveness. And to celebrate…

I’m giving away a grand prize to one lucky subscriber:

  • Two signed copies of Forgiveness: Received From God, Extended to Others (one to keep, one to share)
  • A brand new Kindle e-reader: black, 6-inch, Wi-Fi enabled, glare-free touch screen
  • A set of four Scripture mugs to share coffee with your Forgiveness study group
  • A $25 Amazon gift card
  • Two sets of Forgiveness scripture cards


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The winner will be announced on Tuesday’s regularly-scheduled blog post.

I pray that God uses Forgiveness in ways only He can fathom or imagine to transform our raging culture to a forgiving one. It’s such an honor to serve you, friends. Thank you.

Join me tonight for a Facebook livestream book launch celebration!

39 thoughts on ““Forgiveness” Book Release & Giveaway

  1. Carol Alberts20

    I am always amazed at how our God forgives me. It is so important that we forgive others. Sometimes we might not even realize we are bogged down by unforgiveness. Looking forward to learning all that the Holy Spirit has led you to write about this topic.

    1. Donna Pyle

      So very true, Carol. Thank you for sharing! God’s blessings.

    2. Donna Pyle

      Oh, and yes, you’re entered in the drawing!

  2. Doris Osgood

    Even active Christians live with the pain of self righteousness that has become the normal mindset of this culture. It’s entitlement has us so blinded to forgiveness and healing that we hold on to these transgressions against us like prized possessions to bring up like medals or badges. Not only is our relationship destroyed with others, but then we come to a point where we cannot accept the forgive offered to our selves. We don’t hand this over and let His price paid for these sins take it’s rightful place in our lives.

    1. Donna Pyle

      “The pain of self righteousness” – whoa, that’s profound, Doris. What a perfect way to boil down unforgiveness. Thank you so much for sharing your insights! God’s blessings.

    2. Donna Pyle

      Oh, and yes, you’re entered in the drawing!

  3. Stacey Coffey

    Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do. For everyone! It’s hard to apologize and admit you are wrong and for the other person it’s hard to truly forgive. I’m not sure why this is- because it is s blessing to forgive and release that burden! I’m guilty of struggling on both ends, for minor infractions- especially in my marriage. Something I have to consciously do.
    Thanks for this book! Excited to dive in!

    1. Donna Pyle

      Oh Stacey, I kept nodding in agreement with each sentence. You’re so right – forgiveness takes focus and intentionality. Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. Donna Pyle

      Oh, and yes, you’re entered in the drawing!

  4. Mandy Bowen

    I would love to have the book Forgiveness. As I’m going through the storm in front of me, I keep blaming myself for the divorce. I am having a hard time forgiving myself for everything that has happened. I pray this book will help open my eyes, heart and mind and teach me to forgive.

    1. Donna Pyle

      Divorce is most definitely a terrible storm, Mandy. You’ve been in my prayers. Blame doesn’t help, but Jesus does. You’re entered in the drawing!

  5. Pam Sanchez

    Forgiveness is not for the other’s person’s sake – it’s for ours! Holding a grudge and resentment against someone only affects ourselves; in most cases, the other person has moved on and may not even recall the incident. Forgiveness frees your heart to love others and to receive love. Peace and joy cannot reside in an unforgiving spirit. Not that it is easy to forgive – it usually takes time & distance but mostly takes Jesus! Bless you for your faithfulness to your calling!

    1. Donna Pyle

      Oh, Pam, how very true — forgiveness is God’s gift to US! Thank you for all of these wonderful words of wisdom. You reflect Jesus beautifully! You’re entered in the drawing!

  6. Noelle

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win.i been studying the topic of forgiveness and this looks like a really good book study.

    1. Donna Pyle

      It’s so important to study forgiveness and keep it at the forefront of our lives. Thank you for sharing and encouraging, Noelle. You’re entered in the drawing!

  7. Donna Pyle

    Sometimes FB is pesky like that. Thank you for trying!

    1. Noelle

      Shared multiple times on fb and Twitter.thanks for giving us this opportunity to win

  8. Tami Ulland

    Forgiveness – so easy to give lip service to, but so very difficult to really, truly do. Only with His grace and the strength that He gives us can we forgive.

    1. Donna Pyle

      Forgiveness lip service … well said, Tami! So often, that’s what we do, but lip service doesn’t remove anger or bitterness. Thanks so much for sharing! You’re entered in the drawing.

  9. Helen Schneider

    Donna, I have ordered your book and look forward to sharing Forgiveness with my LWML sisters.

    1. Donna Pyle

      Thank you so much, Helen! You’re entered in the drawing.

  10. Celeste

    I’ve been looking for a book about forgiveness. It’s an issue I’ve struggled with all my life – and even more so since my divorce 7 years ago (I can relate to you, Donna, since we have divorce in common. Enjoyed your book “Without this Ring”). I’m hoping to find a resource to help me work through forgiveness and move forward!

    1. Donna Pyle

      Ahhh, yes, then you certainly understand the need and importance of forgiveness, Celeste! I’m sad that our stories are similar, but thankful that God makes all things new. Thank you for intentionally working toward forgiveness and freedom! You are entered in the drawing.

      1. Celeste

        Donna, can I ask you a question I’ve always wondered? You are very open in your writings telling about your husband’s affair. I love to write, too. How can you/we write about issues of affairs, abuse, alcoholism, or whatever without fear of being sued? I mean, I don’t know your ex-husband, but he and his family know you and what you are saying about him. What is to prevent any former spouse from suing someone for defamation of character or slander or something?

        1. Donna Pyle

          That’s a great question, Celeste. I write to tell my story as God leads. I am not providing direct quotes from my ex-husband, thereby telling “his” story. We are all allowed to tell our stories, but it’s always a good idea to do so with grace and caution so as not to cast stones. Also, I have texts, emails, notes from phone calls, etc. where the facts that I state can be easily verified. God’s blessings as you write!

  11. Janet

    Looking forward to diving into this great topic. Got my book in the mail yesterday and have started it already.

    1. Donna Pyle

      How wonderful, Janet! I pray that God uses it powerfully in your life. You are entered in the drawing!

  12. Linda Koch

    Truly looking forward to reading this. I have learned that not forgiving is like carrying a rock around – really can weigh me down if I won’t let it go. God’s continued blessings as you share the insights He has given you.

    1. Donna Pyle

      You hit the nail on the head, Linda. Unforgiveness weighs us down! And it seems like the longer we carry it, the heavier it gets. You’re entered in the drawing!

  13. Becky W

    I enjoyed watching your book launch in Facebook – about 24 hours later! I am looking forward to getting a copy of this newest book, too. I don’t struggle as much with forgiveness, but struggle with forgiving and forgetting – letting it go instead of holding a grudge. My prayer is for God to give me strength to get through. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Can’t wait to see you in Albuquerque!

    1. Donna Pyle

      Thank you for joining the book launch fun, Becky! I pray that this books lends insight for you on your forgiveness journey. We can’t forget deep hurts, but by the grace and strength of God, we can forgive them. See you soon! You’re entered in the drawing.

  14. Kristin West

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I struggle with forgiveness.

    1. Donna Pyle

      Forgiveness is a struggle for all of us, Kristin, so you are definitely not alone. I pray that this book helps you along the journey. You’re entered in the drawing!

  15. Rachel Peckenpaugh

    TRUE Forgiveness, one of the most difficult things to do. It is so easy to say “I forgive you”, but to truly, truly forgive is so rewarding an uplifting. So many times I had though that i had forgiven someone, but not until I prayed and placed it in the Lords hands and truly forgiven that person was I able to move on. I so look forward to seeing what the Holy Spirit has led you to help us.

    1. Donna Pyle

      I love your tenacity, Rachel. It’s true, it’s very easy to say we forgive, but actually releasing the anger/bitterness is a whole other issue — and so much harder. Thank you for sharing that insight. You’re entered in the drawing!

  16. Helen Price

    I always thought I had a good handle on forgiveness. I am beginning to realized that not being able to forget the wrongs are preventing me from really forgiving. And it isolates me from the people I think I have forgiven.

    1. Donna Pyle

      Helen, I wish I could duplicate this comment far and wide. Most of us think we have a good “handle” on forgiveness–until the truth comes raging out. Thanks so much for sharing that. You’re entered in the drawing!

  17. Cheryl Deines

    Donna, I have so enjoyed many of your Bible Studies & previous books & I am looking forward to this one with great anticipation as well! Sometimes it’s easy to forgive & sometimes it’s difficult. To a degree, I think it depends on how close of a relationship we have with the other person. I believe I have forgiven some pretty significant wrongs in my life, but ONLY by God’s love & Grace is that possible. And once I comprehended that it’s God giving me the Grace to forgive, that He’s extending forgiveness through me to the other person, then it is easier to do. Love you, Donna! God’s Blessings on this book & your obedience to His calling! ❤️

    1. Donna Pyle

      Chery, what a wonderful testimony to God’s grace and forgiveness in your life! Thank you for your beautiful encouragement and realness, dear sister in Christ! You’re entered just under the wire for the drawing!


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