Your Strong Suit by Donna Snow

Your Strong Suit

Author, Donna Snow, and LWML have teamed up to produce an eight-lesson Bible study Your Strong Suit based on Ephesians 6:10-18.

This eight week, verse-by-verse study of the armor of God details the incredible protection that God has provided to His children. Even though we may not like discussing spiritual warfare, it is necessary because it is real. Spiritual warfare has the potential to rob us of peace and security only to leave behind doubt and unrest. But God offers protection to us – HIS protection. Journey through this study as we learn about the battle, our enemy, our armor and our place in God’s army. But most importantly, we come to know the rock solid truth that God has provided everything we need to proclaim ultimate victory.

The study comes as eight lessons on two DVDs. Included is an 85-page, color-print workbook.

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