Meant for Good: A Study of Joseph

RELEASED APRIL 11, 2023! Joseph’s story in Genesis is well known by many. He’s the man with the many-colored coat and numerous siblings. A man who faced slavery, imprisonment, and a cruel Pharaoh while standing confidently in his faith through numerous trials and difficulties. A man who waited, patiently, for God to use him for good.

It almost sounds unfair how Joseph was meant to wait twenty grueling years for God put His plan with Joseph into motion. That same unfairness can seem to seep into our own lives. Even while living through struggles and turmoil, we can cling to the understanding that God means our lives for good.

Meant for Good will lead you through the grand story of Joseph in eight weeks as he faithfully waits for God’s plans to come together. In this Bible study, uncover how these struggles, woven together into a rich narrative of hope and faithfulness, showcase our need to let God’s love and forgiveness lead before our own selfish wants. You’ll see that trusting God to use your life for good allows you to be brave and bold in your faith.

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